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About us

Majid & Yeimy

     We are Majid and Yeimy, founders and guardians of "YEMAYA Sanctuary". One fine day our souls met again and remembered the mission, we remembered that together we were compatible and that our creative potential could be used to elevate life. So we decided to embark on a journey together, unite our lives and serve each other in our processes of personal growth, healing and spiritual fulfillment.


     This step has accommodated all the pieces of our path for true growth and maturation until we reached this moment where we understood that love had to be re-signified in each relationship, discovering that love as a couple is something that is built with patience, faith, dedication, devotion, loyalty and temperance, as well as everything that you want to manifest. Today our foundations are strong and thus, in gratitude and with faith, we know that the horizon towards our destiny is happening at every moment.

      Currently we are in the most important moment of our lives, nurturing and sustaining our creations through a daily and unwavering commitment to maintain the purpose and loyalty to transmit the best of us to the world, our legacy and above all according to the divine will.

      With love and dedication, after many years of work, experience and preparation, we are in the most important stage of expansion to date, gestating all our soul and human desires through YEMAYA Sanctuary, a retreat center, a temple, a refuge for all that soul that seeks spiritual growth and wealth.  peace, freedom, light, healing, inspiration and reconciliation. 



      Our greatest desire is to create sacred spaces and magical encounters for transformation, consciousness expansion and elevation of all life.

    Yemaya precisely houses everything that constitutes us. It is our purpose to continue to prosper with this project so that we can explore, serve and share ourselves, enthusiastic to continue learning along the way and continue to open ourselves to the magic of the mystery of life, of love and our souls.










"I walk the paths of light in life, moving forward with the medicine."




Our values


Create awareness, courage, virtue, wisdom and appreciation of the wonderful opportunity that comes with being alive and inhabiting such a miraculous and powerful body. We long for the memory of the origin of creation to be transmitted, that we are all vessels for light and that we are here to shine and give birth to a new humanity.


Our vision is to create and provide a Sanctuary in the Jungle and virtually with the adequate energies for the healing and alchemy of the Being, where various valuable tools are provided for the cpersonal growth, spiritual development and expansion of consciousness. We envision an empowered and sovereign humanity, living from unity, experiencing new levels of LOVE. 

Our ideal is to contribute our grain of sand, through commitment and fervent desire to live a good present and leave a better future for future generations 

  Yemaya is a refuge for the soul, a water temple, a multidimensional portal and  to travel to various realms in order to find oneself. 

Yemaya is located in a fertile, virgin land full of resources, ideal for planting and building our dreams.


Welcome beautiful Golden Age,

He was from Aquarius,

Masters era!




"Stars are born from chaos"

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