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"The dark night of the soul"

For those who feel called to know us more, and who enjoy reading our life stories, with love we share ourselves with the desire to show and inspire. Because it was through our weaknesses and shadows that we found our strength and light.


I am Yeimy Sánchez

Hari Kartar Kaur


Solar Human

Sun Sing: Taurus

Mole:  Leo

Rising: Aries


Born in the cd. from Puebla, Mexico, on May 5 at 5 am, 1979, my signs: Taurus, Leo and Aries: I had a good childhood with many happy moments, I grew up with my two parents present in their own way and my brother 4 years older than me, were loving beings with me and well intentioned. They provided me with privileged opportunities. My mother always tried to give me the best, I studied at the best school at that time and I liked it. I was a shy, rebellious girl, I grew up without limits and very pampered, without religion, without order or values. Although apparently things were fine, over time they became a chaotic and dysfunctional family as relationships frayed and they were unable to transcend conflicts. So a greater friction came creating the first big bang, we all separated, and well this led us all to a depression because everything we thought we had built had crumbled. Over time I began to realize that I lived under a very toxic roof with a very dormant conscience, little discipline and order, which affected my behavior. Something in me knew that I had to flee, and so it was. I fled at the age of 17 to the city of Cancun, and my brother followed me and accompanied me. It is worth mentioning that the family on my paternal side was extremely hostile, elitist and difficult to deal with and living with them was impossible for me to tolerate and I could not be hypocritical. I was very confused and lost but I still left.


     Arriving in Cancun I was able to finish my high school thanks to the support of my mother and I started working. I was depressed and worthless. Lost, aimless and extremely naive. Loneliness overwhelmed me. I felt invisible and inferior. Full of fears, insecurities, without a sense of life, without solid foundations, any little thing would knock me down.


       Without realizing it, I started a stronger cycle of self-destruction. I entered the world of parties, in an empty and superficial life, I started working and exposing myself in dangerous worlds. Nothing encouraged me until I met the father of my first child, and from there I took hold. I had a good time for some time but it was a karmic relationship and things did not flow, something in me told me to run away again... despite having become pregnant and having engendered life, I chose to be a single mother and that was when my awakening began, my first initiation , being a MOTHER and SINGLE.

      I continued on the road and I thought that the only thing I had was a passable physical image (youth) and a passable English to find a place and survive because I had a son. I was a victim of my ignorance and I became obsessed with my image so that people would value me thinking that I was worth it because of how I looked on the outside, without realizing it I was feeding a parasite inside of me: a mental eating disorder, I did not know what I was in I got in, food became my comfort and my poison. Gluttony, laziness, vanity and jealousy were my demons.

      Within the "bad", I started doing yoga and found my first passion. As I was very angry and bitter, yoga helped me a lot to maintain myself, my weakness and arrogance made me angry by not asking for help. I was going up and down like a yo-yo, my teeth began to decay and my skin began to dry out. My eating disorder was growing rapidly, until I turned it into chronic bulimia because of so much guilt; Without realizing it, my demons had already dominated me. As my son grew, he worked and continued to suffer torture in a double life, the internal voids were deeper each time because no matter how hard I tried to find the way out, I couldn't and the vicious circle of victim-executioner and toxic merchant was my favorite game. . I tried everything, in fact I got certified as a hatha and kundalini yoga instructor and I did very well, I started giving classes, that was definitely great because I started to have achievements, but even so I couldn't overcome my problem with tremendous technologies, my body I had already been kidnapped by that demon and I was still silent, with my vehicle programmed towards death, my life seemed to be fine, but the reality is that I was living hell inside, youth did me a favor, sometimes I wanted to give myself up. defeated and disappear, not exist and die, I was so entangled in a knot, lost in a very dark labyrinth and enraged for transmitting this devaluation to my son that little by little he began to grow up and realize my problem, but he did not understand even though his soul yes He was everything to me and he was my light to keep trying to find the way out. He was my best ally and companion who sustained me with his grace and love, he is the soul that accompanies me unconditionally to date.

     Suddenly, about to throw in the towel after turning 30, my soul took me to ayahuasca in 2011. In my despair I had tried everything by then. That mental parasite that I had bred and fed for about a decade had me cornered and with my head on the floor eating my waste, I felt so ashamed, my self-esteem was completely denigrated. but I knew that I would go for the last battle, so I went with everything and hand in hand with the medicine. I drank and drank medicine until I got so drunk that I disintegrated so many times, apparently I know if those neural networks that I had woven towards my self-destruction and that made my body operate disintegrated, I disintegrated again and again. I died and a few others were reborn Until little by little I realized that if things began to move, that the light began to be seen, I began to have less self-destructive impulses. I felt like there was a new horizon in my brain, maybe toxic neural networks that had been around for a long time were breaking down, was my deduction. And it is until approximately 33 years old that I begin to see the light, a sacred number that connects me with my teacher today. Although still insecure and with a certain fragility, I had a feeling that I had freed her, but that I should keep persisting, it was an addiction, something like heroin, I imagine, I couldn't trust myself. and sit down I had to move on, and yes, the miracle happened, something like my resurrection. At that time, it is worth mentioning that little by little my relatives who stayed in Puebla were dying, mostly from cancer and diabetes. Except my parents and my brother. Since I was 35 I dared to express what I was experiencing to a few and not completely, because I still felt very vulnerable, however I began to declare myself free, and proclaim my VICTORY, I was able to dominate the beast-internal demons that had Taken over my will and my body.


       Much better now, although now I had a new conflict, I didn't like my job more but it was my comfort zone. I didn't know how to do anything. Out of fear I return to my "safe" job without wanting to do it, there I meet Majid, in a short time our life changed 360º, we were in the wrong place, however it was the meeting point, where the sphinx was that marked our reunion, we gave up everything and we started a path again with medicine because he was in the process of separation and I now if heal and discover what I was going to do with my life, my son went with his father and finally my growth process began and pure blessings and revelations came into our lives, our souls saw each other and connected deeply, and although nothing was easy at the beginning, from there we did not separate again.

      The time had come for me to take charge of my life. To claim everything that corresponded to me, to make up for all the lost time and to feel deserving of a dignified life, full of love and courage. My connection with the divine and my fervent desire to live sustained me and that is why today I understand that my demons have to be dominated and turned into virtues, polished to discover the jewel that I keep. Consecrating my steps, make my life a ceremony. The love of GOD @, our creator @ was what I needed to recognize.

      Since then, I quit my job, afraid of letting go of all my past because how was I going to sustain my life now, and with Majid's impulse we embarked together on a journey towards a new cycle of transformation, now if I could move forward to grow, I was so happy, we did a lot of ayahuasca ceremonies and other medicines, retreats, diets, trips, I participated in workshops, initiation schools and healing therapies, Majid and I loved ayahuasca ceremonies and hoped one day to be able to do that and create such magical encounters, my The true path began to be discovered and the path towards the development of my divine gifts, abilities and capacities began to occur. Since then the world of magic captivated me, the sorceress and priestess awakened in me naturally, between rituals, devotional practices, pilgrimages , initiations, wonderful teachers and worldviews came to empower me and recode all my systems, thus discovering my true being. The transformation has been exquisite, wonderful and extremely enriching. I am grateful for everything that I have lived without wanting to change anything that was, because today I am happy with what I am and what I have. I am fortunate to have a loving galactic blood family close to me. I feel complete and unique. I'm ready to rewrite the story of my life. I am the creator, the weaver and the dreamer.

       I thank all my teachers of the path, my biological parents and my brother, my school teachers, my first beloved yoga and spirituality teacher, the kundalinis, the temazcaleros, the shamans, the ayahuasqueros, the friends, the timesharers, the spiritual, those of traditional Chinese medicine, those of holistic massages, my magic teachers, the moon mothers, the queen-goddesses, the magdalenas and beloved sisters of the divine feminine. I thank my ascended teachers Yeshua and Ma.Magdalena, Venus and all the archetypal expressions of the Goddess that have helped me to recognize myself.

       And with all my heart I thank GOD @ my two beloved sons Keita, 5 years old (my son with Majid) and Aaron, 21 years old, to all those souls with whom I was wrong and who hurt me but thanks to them I grew up, and above all to Majid El Malem, my life partner, my soul mate, my lover, my friend, my ally, my partner, father of my son and best friend.


        And above all, infinite thanks to Gaia, Mother Tonantzin, Pachamama, Mother Terra for giving me a home where I can experience myself. Thanks to Papa Sol for your bright light and your unstoppable love that gives me direction and encouragement every day. Thanks to the elemental spirits that have helped me in my alchemy and that allow me to manifest the desired reality.


                                         Today I choose to Live LIVE!

       My soul rejoices in my new Being, I am finally what I am destined to be because I have accepted to grow and mature taking responsibility. Purifying my body has given my soul the security and the space to incarnate my body and remember the path to my destiny.

       I am like a girl eager to discover the mysteries of existence and play, like a mother who wants to feed life, like a sorceress and priestess who loves to alchemize, refine and divinize the energies that go through her because she knows herself to be a vessel and container of light . I feel like a wise old woman who allows herself to rest and let go because she knows that all this is a dream, that everything has a beginning and an end and is infinite; that consciousness does not die and that life is eternal; I feel the total goddess that is rising through me, because she knows that the rose blooms when she is ready.

      I am ready to share the best of myself, inter-relate to co-create, contribute what corresponds to me and make use of my natural and divine creative potential, to gestate with beauty and grace through YEMAYA SANCTUARY, and its temple of WATER.

      It is my purpose to preserve this temple as a pristine place for the clear memory of the history of creation and elevation of all life, enjoyment of honeys and elixirs for the joy of souls; a sacred portal to enter the divine realms and privileged.

                                THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Image by Jeremy Thomas

Spiraling towards the center, to the center of the heart,

I am the fabric and I am the weaver,

I am the dream and the dreamer.

Amen Amen Amen Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you




Thank you thank you thank you thank you

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El Malem

My story

Salam Aleykum 

I am Majid, I was born on February 11, 1974  in France to 100% Moroccan parents and blood. I am the 2nd of 3 male children living a first generation in a country considered first world,  a revelation for the family clan that strived to preserve blood without mixing.  Mostly in France what is experienced by coming from Arab countries is racism, and clearly I was not the exception, due to the color of my skin,  social status,  economic  and above all  religious.  At first it was a weakness, because being the son of immigrants, with dark skin, Muslims and working-class parents, mostly with a low profile for bullying, it confused me a lot in what I felt about life and made me doubt my value as a human being. And I felt like I had to defend myself all the time to survive. I grew up hearing my whole life, there is no money. This is good, this is bad. Today I know that my family was very dysfunctional. Therefore, since then I felt that I would not live long in that country because I also have an adventurous and very curious spirit. So I finished all the compulsory schooling that France offered me, which is to be appreciated because it was an achievement and a better opportunity than what I could have had in Morocco. It allowed my parents to work and give us a better life. quality of life than the rest of my parents' family. France gave us education, sports, culture, work, social security and the opportunity to learn a new language and above all open our perspective towards new horizons. Thanks to that, I had the dream of connecting with new cultures and ways of living. 

I did two races. The first was hotels and restaurants, and later in the national sailboat school. where I became passionate about the sea and sailing. I worked for a while in France but I was not happy.

The wounds and traumas of growing up in an elitist environment, as well as family conflicts and lack of monetary resources made me gain strength and flight towards my own path. Without money, I emigrated, took a flight without knowing the destination, landed on an exotic island next to Madagascar, called La Réunion. There without knowing what I was going to do with my life, the sea was calling me, I started surfing, the water did me a lot of good. In fact I could say that, without knowing at that time, the sea made me feel. healthy, relaxed  and relieve the heart.  I began to relate to new ways of living and seeing life more gently, I realized that there were other possibilities of relating and that it depended on my attitude.  One of the most important experiences and gifts I had there was literally living on the beach for approximately 8 months without money... there everything came to me and I was able to connect with the rhythms of the sea and nature, learning the art of surfing the waves of the sea and therefore of life,  one day, a soul came to teach me how to fish so I could go for my food.   I met interesting people, I started doing my studies in  sailboats right there on the Island,  I tried new stews and seasonings, there I also learned the rhythm of the drum which made me connect and have fun too, there I listened to Mama d Keita, the inspiration that made me name one of my children that way.,  literally a lot was ordered within me.


After 7 years, I must complete my second degree, which made me return to France, as Captain of Sailboats, I participated in many competitions with great success, which made me achieve the results in this race,   and receive good job offers in France, and two years later,  an opportunity arises to travel to Mexico, a job with sailboats. The time to leave Europe had arrived, my heart told me.  Now the heartbeat was leading me to cross to the other side of the world. Opportunity to work in Mexico, without knowing what it would bring me, I accepted.  "They say that when you travel to Mexico, you fall in love and you stay", and yes, that's how it was. I did not want to continue working with the company that brought me but I did want to stay and live in Mexico, this was in 2002.  I arrived through the Caribbean, to the Riviera Maya in its mere dawn and apogee. It was a multicultural place with lots of opportunities, new flavors and colors. 

I worked looking for it as best I could because that's how my parents raised me, I greatly appreciated the freedom and lightness that La Reunión had taught me, so I had various temporary jobs, from doing maintenance work,  but mostly with water, as a diving, kite surfing and sailing instructor.  and I even worked in sales for a vacation club. I had two children whom I have not yet been allowed to see.   That's when the darkest night of my soul began, that broke my soul so much that a deep healing process and great awakening began. There were many things that I did not see in myself that had caused that situation, stagnation and pain in my life, such as my children.


One fine day, lost in the darkness of my existence and in total confusion,  disempowered, getting drunk, wanting to escape from the problems and tension that the demands of a sick society generated in me, my abandonment and disconnection from my soul screaming for help because I was truly drowning, I meet a special woman who took me to drink medicine, it was my first ayahuasca ceremony,   and that is where I had my great spiritual awakening and my healing process began. The time to do personal work, stand up, take responsibility and mature, had arrived. I realized where I had gotten lost and above all that I was tangled in a knot and I had to face it and dedicate myself. And thanks to the company of medicine that lovingly showed me my innate gift with music, because without studying it I started playing and singing immediately after trying the medicine.   


Also in this world I met my wife, mother of my adorable son, Keita, who took me to meet The Master Plant.  I gave myself the opportunity to rebuild my life, to be a father again, and to be able to receive him in my hands when he crossed the threshold and name him. I witnessed this miracle and today I am fortunate to be present at its growth. I can be an active part of their upbringing. While  In the process, he prepared, with hope, the ground for the arrival of my two oldest children who one day will want to meet their father. 

It is my desire to inspire my children towards the path of creative living well. As well as for all children, leave songs, hopeful creations and my grain of sand for a better world. Transmit protection, care, trust, security, gratitude  and all my love is my mission. And it is for this reason that Yemaya is my thesis and like a daughter too, she is  and it will be the result of the greatest love I have,   to my family and for life. I want to leave fruit  and open new paths for my children so that they may seek personal fulfillment and be good men. 

For some years now I have been sharing medicine with my wife, playing the harp and guitar mainly, exploring sounds and the rhythms of my blood. It is my greatest honor and pleasure to be able to share my music because it is one of the things I enjoy doing the most and that it serves for the healing and elevation of all life. 




I am always in search of new opportunities. Let's connect.


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