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     The term ceremony refers to a solemn act that is carried out according to established or spontaneous rules and rites of the soul. In its most basic sense it is a ritual

      The purpose of sharing ceremonies is to cultivate and promote sacred celebration, facilitating optimal and timely spaces to promote encounters between souls that resonate with the same intention to elevate life.


   You can participate from any position you are in,

   * Existential and emotional crisis?

   * Without meaning of life?

  * Fears and depression?

  * Exhausted?

  *confusion or major life transition?

  * grief, fear of separation?

*  Distress, addictions or codependency?

  * or rather do you want it to continue deepening your processes of self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness?

  * Do you want to learn how to sustain the spaces of transformation to embark on your path of sacred service?

 * Do you like to join groups to give and receive Light? and share your song?

Co-creating together corresponds to a generous act of love for life and humanity, which offers us an immense range of learning, rewards and blessings. Every opportunity to meet is unique. Each participation offers us the space to work on our being, cultivate ourselves and  continue polishing the jewel we keep inside.  


     Maybe you don't know that you can receive help in many ways, maybe you don't know how to recognize that you need help. Maybe you don't know that the solution can be A RETREAT, a gift for you, it is necessary to retire to find yourself again. You deserve it!

     We find ourselves in times of transition, entering the Age of Aquarius where all paradigms align with  love,  This means that the structures that seemed most solid from the old era, the 4 horsemen, are falling: politics, religion, science and education. Due to this great change that we are experiencing, it is essential to prioritize our personal growth and well-being to be prepared and enter this process of purification and activation with a high vibration. 

                                   Is hesacred way back to yourself.


                                                                     WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR REALITY 

  Free will has always been the divine gift. Choose  What happens in our internal world is our right and duty, it is essential to free ourselves from all distortions of the past and raise our frequency through love and acceptance of our existence, understanding the laws of our universe is fundamental and operating withpresence, awareness and discernment It will cause creative and divine intelligence to be discovered. .


 Our perception of the Economy is changing, it was necessary to free ourselves from so much abuse and slavery,  and tell us a new myth. WE  WE ARE THE VALUE, and the economy means this exchange of values with the other, to co-create and collaborate with the great fabric of human creations, since together we are much more powerful and brilliant.   It is evident that with technology, which we use more and more of it, this will reduce the quantity and quality of jobs, causing our I Am to have to come out of hiding. And for that you have to go through a refinement process to discover the jewel that each person keeps inside. . This may cause fear, but it is quite the opposite, it should cause us excitement to flow with the energy immediately, because this obsolete system is finally falling apart. Everything is perfect, that's how it had to be. 


 Now All Businesses will also have to be based on the win-win formula,  all towards the initial journey of the entrepreneur and the investor.  PRACTICE, PRESENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS AND DISCERNMENT. The pattern is clear and nature reminds us of it. It all starts in the seed....

                                                              We all deserve a full life free of suffering.


We invite you to invest in yourself, trust! .

You are the Master you seek. 

At Santuario Yemaya we want to accompany you in your process and facilitate your path by providing you with powerful tools to make it efficient, pleasant and loving. 


The Awakening Process

"Your task is not to search for love, but simply to search and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

– Rumi –

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