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It is well known that our date of birth is like an impression and stores fundamental codes that we flash when we incarnate and that help us remember certain information about who we are.

Tantric numerology is a self-knowledge tool with the potential to help you discover and activate your gifts, improve your abilities, identify your strengths and weaknesses and recognize characteristics of your life mission. Numbers are symbols that contain specific information. The day we are born and incarnate in this reality in the physical body, the numbers flash at us, to impact us in that miraculous moment with important and valuable information for the memory of our original plan.

This simple tool can activate awareness and courage in your life.


We will offer you private sessions online by zoom and in person, to read your numerology and you will be surprised how interesting, valuable and fun it is.

Self-knowledge is power.

It's time to empower ourselves family.

We are in this together

Monetary exchange: 111 usd

Session Duration: 75 min

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