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Are you looking for an effective way to help others in their healing and contribute to a better world ?


Are you in the field of personal growth, consciousness and wellness and you are looking to work with natural remedies?


Are you already looking to design the path of your sacred service and divine purpose? Are you a healer, a coach or a therapist and you would like to integrate Kambo as a great option to support people in their lives to be healthier?


IF you are looking for a powerful option, to support people wellness, Kambo is one of them. Kambo is the most powerful medicine from the Amazon.

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KAMBO medicine offers a great way to remove stuck energy…. And it is time to open the energetic path again in the flow of love with trust to be able to feel LIFE and embrace it. We are in times of transition and transformation, and more agents of change, healers and sovereign people are being requested. We, as humanity, are going through a deep purification process., and this is mainly the most important work at this time.


We basically are purging all about the Old Era, the Pisces era, the era of patriarchalism, rationalism, structure, control, lies, wars, illness and distortion. The more we purify our bodies the lighter we get, and the lighter we get the easiest to transform. Kambo is such a powerful tool to support exactly this work.Support your community to surrender, feel their bodies again, heal, cleanse, get strength and much more.


We are in times where our belief system is continuously updating, our minds are resetting and we are reclaiming our power.


Kambo is the Natural Amazonian vaccine that really can help us boost our immune system, prepare us for challenges in life and awakens our body to improve its most optimal functions to face the transition. It helps our body develop the capacity for purification, adaptation and regeneration.


The spirit of Kambo has awakened, as an ancestral medicine from the Jungle to help us get strength, caliber, improve all systems of the body, is great for energetic purification, detox at all levels, but mainly to recognize the potential of our miraculous body. It is one of the greatest tools to help people in LETTING GO what they don't need anymore.


You can facilitate Kambo Ceremonies to create a deeper connection with the self, the soul and the divine. And this is why after 7 years serving Kambo, and being requested by many people, we have created this Intensive Training to help people expand this great medicine by awakening the self potential in every being to hold a healing ceremony, where everyone can benefit greatly from it.


Your presence and participation is important at all levels in these times of transition. The technologies of Light have been given to us due to humanity's impulse to awaken and evolve emergently.


It is our great commitment to share the best of us with you through our knowledge, experience and, above all, make your path easier by giving you resources, guidance, skills, self-confidence and a solid initiation foundation so that you can embark on a blessed path and sustain powerful spaces for the transformation of being. .



The Practitioner Training Intensive Immersion consists of:




  •  3 detailed evening classes-. (history, scientific and spiritual theory, contraindications, first aid, experiences, sacred space opening and ceremony bases, different ways to apply Kambo treatments, diet, ways to help people purging, physiological body, emotions-organs, psychosomatic illness, energetic field, and more

  • 3 personal morning sessions of Kambo, one per day: Apply each other and experience self application

  •  8am: 1 live Kambo ceremony to serve others

  •  PDF notes, and resources links

  • A free Kambo board and stick


Exchange Fee as a promotional Starting fee: 1,111usd p/p


Kambô is the most powerful medicine of the Amazon. In just a few personal kambo sessions or ceremonies you can get your investment back and much more priceless blessings…. guaranteed