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Ancestral Medicines

Ancestral medicines are treasures that the earth provides us to heal and restore our bodies at all levels, they have been used since the beginning of humanity and with different shocks, today they are re-emerging as never before, due to the transition that we find ourselves as humanity. , because they accelerate our liberation processes, that is why we have chosen  to facilitate this sacred meeting with great respect  ceremonies with the master plant Ayahuasca, with the medicine Kambo, the toad Bufo Alvarius 5 dmt-o, Cocoa and Temazcal.




                          THE AYAHUASCA

Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) is a jungle liana that grows throughout the Amazon basin from Colombia to Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and the Guyanas. It is known and revered by all indigenous tribes as a “master plant” and constitutes the foundation of their traditional medicine.

Ayahuasca is cooked together with the leaves of a bush called Chacruna (Psychotria viridis), giving a concoction or sacred drink of a psychoactive nature that is ingested in an indigenous ritual ceremony of reflection and cleansing. This concoction, also called Ayahuasca, has been used for more than 5,000 years by the shamans of the Amazon as a way to obtain the expansion of consciousness.

The term Ayahuasca derives from the Quechua words “aya” which means dead and “huasca” which means rope or vine. This translates as the rope of the dead or the vine of the dead, and is considered a drink used by initiates to communicate with the spirit world.

Invoking this song from the Amazon Jungle in the Quechua dialect.
Invoking song from Amazon rainforest in Quechua language.


Ayahuasca urkumanta
Ayahuasca from the mountain C, F

Taki takimuyki (encore)
I come singing to youA-, E-

Chuyay chuyay hampikuyni 
Cleansing and healing E-, A-

Miski wildebeest chaita body (bis)
sweet milk (boob) for the body F, A-

Ayahuasca healer...
Ayahuasca little star blanket...
Chacrunera Ayahuasca...
Ayahuasca painter...

Ayahuasca, you who come from the hills I approach to you singing merrily cleaning and healing myself you are like sweet milk for my body





This ceremony, due to the effects it generates on us internally, we share with you that it is our main offering, the one that united us and that began our journey together until we felt the call of  serve this sacred medicine. 

 This ceremony offers you a beautiful encounter with your Being, with your consciousness and with your divinity. Taking this beautiful and powerful medicine mainly helps us:

         *  enter within us to be able to see ourselves, feel ourselves and recognize ourselves

         * heal our relationships

         * awaken consciousness and purify ourselves 

         * free ourselves emotionally  

It is a call to go down from the mind to the heart where the ego has no choice but to surrender.  

It is a call to find yourself. As well as with other souls that can reflect and support themselves in their  growth.

It is a call to gather together and raise a powerful prayer and sing.


The time has come to be seen, heard, felt and speak our truth!

Ceremony with Majid and Yeimy

majid and yei.jpg

We are Majid and Yeimy, we have worked with medicine since 2011 and facilitating the meeting since 2016. We share and sustain the sacred space with devotion and commitment. Our mission in this ceremony is to place the subtle energies appropriately for the proper development of the ceremony, as well as to provide a safe, pleasant, hygienic and orderly space, while we are in charge of raising the frequency through prayers, devotional songs for the soul, and concentrate on the frequency of love.


We dedicate each ceremony with love and gratitude to our beloved Mother Earth.

     In these ceremonies we follow an authentic format, without any specific tradition or religion, it is the fusion of various teachings and the wisdom that experience has revealed to us, it is the result of the genuine desire to give the best one can, serving the neighbor and the Creator with excellence.   

                     "It is time to pause  our busy routines, free ourselves from obsolete beliefs, update our database, releasing all distorted information that harms the well-being of our environment, that which ties us to the old era.  "It is time to invest in our growth and value our modus operandi. It is time to reclaim our paths towards love and adaptation to constant change."

Benefits of Ayahuasca


• It reconnects you with your Soul and integrates it into your body.
• Put aside fears and negative programming.
• Healthy physical illnesses.
• You release your past.
• You give freedom and peace to your mind.
• You open your heart deeply.
• You are born again: You reset your Mind, Spirit and Body.
• Physically you restore the sites where the brain receptors are when we come from a pre-addictive state.
• Reconnects and develops brain plasticity, similar to the development of a fetus.
• You discover the purpose of your life.
• Positive and adequate management of your thoughts.
• You improve relationships.
• There is an organic detox deep cleanse.
• Detoxifies the Pineal gland.
• You activate the third eye.

• You develop better coping skills.

• Increases self-esteem.
• You eliminate the Matrix or the control instilled.
• Alleviate the pain.
• You eliminate stress.
• You find real and true answers.
• Release negative thoughts and voices from your head.
• Clears and clears blockages.
• You stay present and connected.
• You communicate with other spirit forms.
• Provides clarity of mind and ideas for many months after trying a dose.
• Gives confidence and willpower.
• You discover God within yourself.
* Awaken spiritual gifts
* Awakens consciousness and spirituality


Develop coping and emotion management skills.

Nhelps you mature

 Favours our vision

It is used in treatments for:

• Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Blockages.
• Chronic Fatigue.
• Drug addictions, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, pain pills, social media
• Addictions to psychological behaviors.
• Emotional or Love Addictions.
• Addictions to
Food and Sugar.
• Ancestral disagreements and Negative Karma.
• Stress.
• Depression.
• Postpartum depression.
• Hyperactive disorder and attention deficit.
• Body Toxicity
* Addiction of antidepressants 
• Infertility.
• Heartbreak.


• Resistance to Weight Loss.
• Candidiasis.
• Parasites.
• Depersonalization and derealization.
• Hormonal imbalances.
• Social Anxiety.
• Phobias.
• Complexity and Sexual Dysfunction.
• Anxiety, eating and personality disorders.
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
* Codependency 
* Loss of meaning in life.
* Transcendence and Duels


     The Kambo ceremony is a session with a ceremonial format dedicated to a personalized and professional approach with the patient and likewise promote a Deep cleansing of their bodies for the good preparation that such special participation in the Ayahuasca or Bufo Alvarius ceremonies deserve.


     It is also recommended to those who seek to start their healing and transformation process, an excellent alternative to start and promote well-being and purifying the body and reactivating its systems.. We have verified dozens of cases that by receiving 3 kambo sessions in a period of two weeks and with a favorable diet have had impressive results, they have been able to free themselves from old pain, addictions, lethargy and dispersion problems, it favors the progress of any chronic disease considerably raising the immune system and much more. 

     Kambô is the most powerful medicine in the Amazon. Its power is well known to the old shamans (doctors and spirit guides) for more than 1000 years. It contains all four elements and brings a stunning integration of all aspects of your being into one.



Physical: Purges the body of all toxins (such as chemtrails, water pollution, food chemicals), detoxifies the liver, kidneys, digestive system, is antibiotic, strengthens the immune system so it destroys pathogenic microorganisms.

Mental: Balances the two hemispheres of the brain, synchronizes the flow of energy between heart and mind,
disidentifies the being of
the mind, jumping into new perspectives with peace of mind, healing addictive behaviors and allowing awareness to take control in life.


 Emotional: Activates the heart so emotions are processed, clears stagnant feelings and attachments. It provides a release that allows you to feel a pure emotional balance, so you perceive a healthier connection with nature, animals, plants, humans and all living beings.

Spiritual: Align the energy flow of all your bodies, increasing synchronization, strengthening the connection between the different aspects of your being. It connects you with Earth and Heaven, clearing the connection to the spiritual realms, enhancing perceptions, opening perspectives, feeling your true inner essence, and helping to integrate Spirit into your physical experience through alignment and personal empowerment.

Energetic: It is said that just as we have a physical body that we bathe daily, we have an energetic body that, with the passage of day to day, accumulates dirt, making a cloud that the natives call panema, and this can densify our walk and cloud our vision Kambo is excellent for energetic cleansing. 

The green frog Phyllomedusa Bicolor, called the Kambô frog, is a powerful tool to purify your system at all levels:

“Kambô medicine circulates through the heart. It makes it move with precision, reminding the body of the original pulse of life, so that things flow rhythmically. It is a 'green light' that opens its own ways to make everything easier, it is synchrony”
banner cacao y rosas.png

Roses and Cocoa

The ceremony is a beautiful celebration to get together and enjoy the elixirs that the Earth offers us, a true gift for the soul. 

    Cacao literally is the "food of the Gods", therefore it is a sacred fruit, a master plant, a plant that when we receive it truly produces an alchemy in our being, making little by little the veils of illusion vanish, which naturally allows us to go down from   from the mind to the heart and express ourselves from there.

    Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies in today's modern world are an opportunity to come together in a circle and co-create a sacred space for special moments of transit or events in our journey of life.

     Cocoa is a catalyst plant to guide us towards our inner journey, activating the heartbeat of our hearts, which in turn connects with the heartbeat and rhythms of Gaia, thus allowing us to root ourselves to flow with her, releasing resistance. 
The intelligence of this medicinal plant helps us to clarify our place in the world, our relationship with nature and the direction of our next steps.

     Each ceremony is unique and attracts the correct constellation of souls to create the circle magical.. All together we care and support space, we let the magic of the sacred happen and trust the wisdom of the plant to dictate the rhythm. Cocoa used in a ceremonial way can be a very therapeutic experience, allowing us to deepen our personal work.
     Her energy is sweet, happy, wise, pleasant and warm... and at the same time it is deeply powerful.


1 (1).jpg

The Rose

     It is a flower with the highest frequencies and that contains all the codes of the sacred feminine, subtly emanates and transmits its love; receiving her presence is a way of communing with the nectar of the Goddess, who elevates us with her sublime love, beauty, wisdom and fragrance, reactivating the codes of our feminine wisdom that allow us to refine our energies for the reconciliation of our polarities and to resume so the path of the heart and unity.

     Upon receiving the call of both spirits, and embodying both frequencies, it arises the call to share ceremonies to promote the integration processes, working in the subtle and invisible worlds. Perhaps you have already taken some medicine several times, and you wonder and  then what?  We know that it is necessary to continue with personal work on a daily basis to integrate and continue maturing because to enter the New Golden Era it is necessary to continue  refining our energies to direct them towards our highest potential, individually and collectively, and thus be able to create new systems that favor all humanity.. 



    Come and join the new ways of living, let's activate our own well-being biochemicals, let's open sacred space, let's meditate, let's connect with cocoa and rose to a deeper level and listen and feel. Let us invoke our spiritual and elemental guides to support us in our ascension processes and to help us activate our gifts.


     Open ourselves to a journey of the heart through our intentions and music of the soul, to open I know magic, dance and music of the soul, only promises to enter divine spaces.  

“Heaven and paradise are not in a place outside, they are a state of consciousness and they are lived from the inside. The spirit of cocoa and the rose are our allies to accompany us in our processes of  illumination and ascension”.

Cocoa and Roses Ceremony

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