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     The First Moon Ceremony is a beautiful ritual dedicated to girls who have started their cycle menstrual with the intention of exalting and celebrate as  an important event that happens in the life of every woman,  providing support, understanding, trust, security and meaning. We believe that lovingly accompanying this process is fundamental, since today, many women reflect disagreement with their bodies, reject their menstruation and are unaware of its potential, which is why this ceremony is the perfect portal that opens women directly to their sacredness. thus changing the way of perceiving life itself and the way in which it relates to it.  The ideal is to provide the maiden with a hopeful and  luminous path to allow herself to grow, be true to herself and enjoy validating her feminine essence. they find those internal forces that allow them to sustain themselves, express themselves and face challenging situations.

     We believe that menstruation is the most sacred thing for a woman and that when it is recognized so from an early age, her femininity it is validated thus promoting the harmonious flow of your Being, Flowering and awakening of your Divine Gifts.

"The love of the clan is present because the red thread unites them,  and the time has come for the virgin maiden to convey her memories to this clan, which is the one that feeds the entire pattern of the prime".

Ceremonia de Bautizo Maya_ing.png
Ritual basado en enseñanzas del linaje crístico de Yeshua y Ma.Magdalena..png
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