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Always looking for inspiration

We know that we live in an abundant world and I know that there are many souls who are simply generators of a good flow of money and resources in large quantities and sometimes they would like to know how to generate value with it,  why they can and do recognize the power of money and donating.

Yemaya is in the process of construction and building in the jungle is a challenge  quite complex and at the same time expensive, however it is wonderful to immerse yourself in the Jungle for the intentions of the Yemaya Sanctuary, since that is where the Temple was destined to be. So hereby I open every door that can support us, this place requires collaboration, if it is in your hands and possibilities it is very welcome. It is a Karma yoga, that is, a way to burn karma quickly, with love we open the doors to donation for the manifestation of this beautiful project of light.

You can donate in various ways, in kind, in money, strategy, work or through an investment of investing in land in Solferino.

Donations by paypal:


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