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Womb Blessing


It is time for all women to feel complete, empowered and healed physically and mentally. It is time to awaken to our “authentic femininity”: understanding and enjoying expressing who we are as women in the world.


Women, we are possessors of the treasure of humanity, the portal of life and it is time to enjoy this miracle with conscience.


It is time to bless each other and heart to heart. It is time to remember the values that sustain the sacred in our relationships to become divine beings.

Womb Blessing is something very simple but extremely effective and powerful; It is a sophisticated and feminine technology, it happens through a meditation and energetic attunement designed specifically for women to bring healing and awakening to their lives to align them with the universal feminine energies and with the Moon and Earth, and fully awaken the four archetypes. of feminine energy that all women possess.


I offer private WOMB BLESSINGS sessions online and in person, I am ready to touch hearts with the hand of the Goddess in me.

75 min sessions online or in person 99 usd


"If the majority of women awaken and heal, we can give birth to a whole new humanity. "The miracle is in our reconciliation."

The blessing of the Uterus helps us live as <<authentic>> women.
As you truly live, remain heart-centered and empowered in the face of life's storms.

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